Rhoda Menu Pup Features

You will of course discover new interesting ways to use your Rhoda Menu Pup on your own, but here is just a start.

These dogs can be rezzed as many times as you wish. Make as many copies as you like. Due to the nature of the scripted menu, you can name each dog individually, and control each separately or all at once by using the menu options. If you have perms at a friends land, you can leave him as many dogs to play with as you wish, by setting them on public access, so your friend can control them. Public access gives others the basic menus, but does not give them any choices that are in the "setting" menu. A dog left on private access, can be petted, but no menu will come up when the dogs are touched.

Ways to use the dogs.

*The dogs to start with can be worn. This allows flight with the dog, as well as tp. More importantly, you can wear your dog in no build/no rez zones. While the dog is worn his legs move naturally when you walk. When you stop walking his legs stop moving. The movement is very natural.

*The dogs can be rezzed and "controlled'. By touching the menu option control, you can steer and "drive" your dog using your keyboard arrows. This allows you to have dog do anything you like. I have steered the dogs through the agility course. Your "page up" key makes the dog jump. The "page down" key makes dog do a well executed backflip, which can be long or short. by combining and practicing with the keys you can develop terrific control

*The dogs can be rezzed and normal menu can be used. Sound can be on or off, and you dog can: set home, go home, follow, sit, lay down, wander (within 20 meter area), be set on random ( dog does all of his actions, sounds, and wanders at random). 

*Attack Option features: When attack is touched, you will get a menu with choices of all avatars in the area. You choose. The dog will relentlessly attack this person until he/she decides to leave or you shut the attack. To simplify ending the attack, there is a special fast touch "kill/reset" button, that will freeze dog in his tracks.
A special recommendation, is to hold down your alt key, then place mouse cursor on dog ... left click and zoom in a bit.  Now you are "locked" on dog. touch attack, and you go along for the ride, and are easily able to touch dog to get menu options to get him back under control. Rez as many dogs as you like, and set each to attack a different avatar. One man and his dogs against an army!


The menu items are simple to understand.

The "Wander" option allows dog to move freely within a 20 meter range.

"Random" allows dog to go through random sounds, poses, and wandering, but he is not restricted to 20 meters. 

As you see, we have added a range feature on this menu. If your dog does not have the range feature, contact Vitolo Rossini. You can IM in world, email vitolorossini@yahoo.com or you can use the contact form on the last page of this Site.


Join Dogland Training Group in world, or become a member of Dogland Network to get news about updates. Updates are free, and will always be announced.

*NOTE- Dogs will not respond to menu commands while being worn. The dogs may "deform" if this is done. To fix your dog, just rez him to the ground, and "pet" him!

I will happily give demos any day, and answer any questions you have. See me in world (Vitolo Rossini), or email me at:




                Dog Games!

The Rhoda Menu Pups have  a "control" feature that allows you to steer your dog using your keyboards arrows.
The dogs can push physical objects like balls. Think of the possibilities!
Since the dogs are physical, they can be fun and challenging when you steer them through a course of obstacles.
You can invent your own ramps, and tubes, and try  to steer your dogs around through each of them.
We will soon have an official Obstacle Course set up uniquely designed for your Rhoda Menu Pups.
Dog owners are encouraged to submit unusual ideas, obstacles, and challenges to Vitolo Rossini. If your ideas or creations are used, your name will appear on this website!
The first Dog Owner that has built obstacles and challenges that were GREAT was Caylynn Adored. She has impressed me with her ideas, creations, and the skill she demonstrated while controlling her pug and finding fun ways to love her dog!