There are many to thank for this project

 SweetBabe1A Lusch gets the most unique credit of all. She was there at Dogland from it's birth, and has stuck it out while all others have come and gone. Through good and bad she has been the srongest supporter and support person, nor only for these dogs, but she has been a supporter of the Dog Park itself. It is going to be 14 years of dedication. Thanks!    

Thanks to my nephew Danny06 Aya for his constant support. 

Thanks to Bethi Catteneo for her skill in dog sculpting, scripting, time, generosity, love of the project, and commitment!  Bethi has been the heart of this project!

Thanks to Selexia Aero-for her contributions in dog sculpting                                                                                               Thanks to grace Feden- until she passed away, grace manned the Dog Park and watched  group IM tirelessly, to free me up to arrange for all of the needed details for the dogs release!                                                                                                      Thanks to Luscious Morgwain for contributions in scripting.                                                                                                     Thanks to Freeta Kayo, for publicity/public relations, and machinima work.

 Special credit is owed to the following:                                                                                                                               Likestobe Held- Unending trust and support                                                                                                                            My Wife Patty-Encouragement and Courage to go on.                                                                                                               Dogland Training Group- Support and suggestions                                                                                                                    Members of Virtual Pet Dog Owner's Open Chat- For spelling out what they wanted in a new dog.

                   About Bethi Catteneo

                 How Bethi Became The Heart of Dogland Dogs "Rhoda Menu Pups" Project

A good while back, when the creator of the VKC Dogs, became less than pleased that Dogland park brought in so many visitors and got so much attention, he pulled his Vet Clinic and dogs from Dogland to try to turn things around for his other now less visited dog parks.  Dogland still has the most well attended VKC Dog Owner training classes, and is still the choice of VKC Dog Owners when they think of toys, dishes, and supplies for use with their VKC Dogs. This made the VKC dog creator upset. Now with over half a dozen Dog Parks, he began blocking transfers to me as owner of Dogland, so my wife began to help, then he blocked her, and anyone else known to be a friend to Dogland.. Finally he began blocking anyone that  gave or gifted more than 4-5 dogs, saying that this was "evidence of people trafficking in used dogs". 

A close friend told me to create my own line of dogs. I thought of making four lines! I had some scripts but I had no good looking dogs. This dear friend who I can't give public credit to here,  is closely involved with Virtual Kennel Club, (don't want to "blow their cover"), told Bethi Catteneo about me. Bethi is a Builder, sculptie maker extraordinaire. This friend from VKC told Bethi of the VKC dog maker's recent behaviors, and Bethi contacted me, and we spoke. Bethi talked with me, to learn of my goals, and she honored me with her offer to help. At the time, she began to create dog breeds that were requested. Once she had a formidable number of dogs sculpted, I tried to script them. Danny06 Aya, Dogland's Kid Star, acquired some other scripts. Bethi was up for a challenge. She began modifying the scripts. and once they were fully understood, she began adding her own. We discussed features, and decided it was time to get ready for production the first of the two Dogland Dog lines, The Rhoda Menu Pup. We tested, and revised. 

Bethi Catteneo has become a friend. I have few. She was the driving force that kept working behind the scenes, and saw this project through to it's completion. Never asking for payment, always working, Bethi amazed me. She revealed that it was more important to her to help create an affordable virtual dog to help with my goal of helping residents. She was part of a great vision, which included moving a large portion of SL's Dog market that was not part of the Dogland family here to Dogland. Perhaps others in the dog industry might learn a lesson about real customer service and the downfalls of greed.

Dogland Dogs "Rhoda Menu Pups" is already a success. I wish here to announce to the public that Bethi has been the heart of this project, and has selflessly helped us to get residents "heads on straight" about virtual pets, and about there being "no need for greed"!

 Bethi... Dogland loves you. You are not just the heart of the project, but you are Dogland's heart as well. 

                                               Thank you, Bethi!