Dogland Sled Dogs are available in all Dogland Dog Breeds. The Sled dogs are made to be ridden. These dogs have no other controls. There legs move when they run, and when your sled stops the dogs legs also stop.The Dogland Sled Dogs sell for L$150 each.

Dogland Dogs Sled Dogs-
This sled dog is pulled by Dogland Dogs!
We have made special scripting so that you can ride in style with your choice of breed from the selection of Dogland Dogs.
Each dog from tiny to large fits perfectly into his harness. You just rez and ride!
Funtastic animations make you ride like a sledding champion. The whole while your dogs legs move when he runs, and stop when you stop the sled, with perfect timing!
They are transferable, so they make a great gift!
Brought to you by Dogland Enterprises, at a great Dogfather price.