We get asked every day by residents if they can have a free dog.

This is a very good question. We realize the benefit of working with some type of virtual dog to a persons real life! There are a variety of Alpha cut out pets that Dogland provides at no cost. There are also simple wearable dogs that can be obtained free of charge. The wearable dogs bark upon touch. Contact Vitolo any time to get yourself any of these.

Our own Dogland Dogs are occasionally available free of charge as well. Daily a number of Demo Dogs are hidden around Dogland Park. We also create and hide free Holiday Dogs, packaged inside of prims made for each holiday. 100 Valentines Hearts were found with a special Valentine Puppy inside, and we did the same with Shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day. This Tradition will continue as has been Doglands way since we began!

These guys are rapidly becoming collectors items!


We heard your comments, and made note of your requests.

I am happy to say we were able to add all of your suggestions in our first update!

Dogland Dogs now have "Range" setting on the menu, improved "pet" animations, as well as an Auto-Update feature. To get an updated dog, bring your dog to Dogland, and show your dogs to any staff member. You will be given replacement dogs!

All future updates will be done automatically.